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Welcome to the Toy village Seiffen

The history of Seiffen

village Seiffen The often eventful history of Seiffen goes back to the first half of 14th century, when the highland's joist between Bohemia and Saxonian district of Meissen were named "Miriquidi" ( clarkforest ). About the year 1200 retimes of Knights and Monks arrived the region to seek for the "mountain - treasures".
Not only their settlements were built, where accidently found solid metals gave hope for grounds worth for mining, but even at places where mountain brooks boing along tin - barleys.
The village name "Cynsifen" first mentioned 1324 in feudal tenure letter is supposed having been given after the outwashing of tinbarleys, the so called outsoaping.
The tin mining in the mountains started in the middle of the 15th century.
Poor mining results, technical problems and cheaper overseas import caused the recession of tin mining in the Seiffen corner in the following centuries.
The Seiffen chinning office was closed in 1849 and mining right of the Schönberg dynasty extinguished. A 370 year old tradition has ended. Centuries of mining left their traces in the village, they keep on living in the consciousness of people and help of understand the singularity of Seiffen folksart.

Holiday in Seiffen

Near the border to the Czech - Republic Seiffen lies on the ridge of the central Erzgebirge.
The romantic place is located in a wide hollow flown through by the Seiffen - brook, an idyll like in a book of fairy - tales: The sharp - gabled cottages of the art craftsman are to be seen uphill or along the mainstreet in the valley. The atmosphere is hospitable and comfortable; visitors are friendly invited into the workshops of the craftsmen.
But not only friends of silence and tranquillity are feeling well in Seiffen. The toy village is an ideal starting point for making trips and excursions around the region that is rich in culture. Those who like being active in sports can find extended ways for wandering and hiking around the village and in the region.
In winter the guest has many occasions as well for skiing, downhill and sloping as for sledging.
The annual climax of the season is the Arrival of Christ and Christmastime; the whole village is shining in the light of candlearchs and the pyramids. But even in other times of the year Seiffen and its wonderful surrounding are worth to be visited because: There is season everytime in the healthresort Seiffen.
If you’ll visit our toy village, then you should take your way along the signs of firms and the symbols of the craftsmen. Watch the masters while working and observe their skillness and application. You can buy a folksart product of your choice directly in the craftsmen’s workshop or you can fulfill your special wish.
Today Seiffen is well known because of its splendid Christmas folksart. The traditional candle holding figures, the miner and the angel, were added the little smoking mannequin and the nutcrackers as symbolfigures of the Erzgebirge Christmas in the middle of last century. Pyramid’s, candlesticks, crib representations, and the wooden candlearch belong to that offering as well as the famous Kurrende ( Choir of Children ) and the cake selling figures, which got the golden medal at the world exhibition in Paris 1937.
Mining work, desire for light, the Erzgebirge delight of celebrating Christmas, but especially the love to children dominate the manufacturing of toys. The figures are origined from life, they have got clear and characterized form, which is singular in the world.